Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Hall of Fame Ballot

I'm wondering how each of you would vote, if you had one on this year's HOF ballot. Here's mine, but I should mention I prefer a higher standard for election:
1. Jeff Bagwell - although there are suspicions that he used steroids, he was never tainted with the Mitchell Report, there is nothing that proves otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty, right? That's why I'd vote Mike Piazza in as well, though his back acne brings more questions.
2. Tim Raines - possibly the 2nd best leadoff hitter in the history of the game, he unfortunately played in the shadow of the best (Henderson), and plied his skills in Montreal before 24 hr sports channels and anyone recognized him as a great player. By the time he came south, injuries from playing on turf took away much of his speed, though he still wound up on base more than Tony Gwynn.
3. Barry Bonds - don't know if I'd vote him in on the first ballot because of his steroid use, but if I voided out the steroid-tainted yrs, he's still worthy.
4. Schilling - had a discussion with Joe about him...I think he's one of the six best starters of that era, along with P. Martinez, Maddux, Glavine, R. Johnson, and Clemens. Add in the fact that he may have been the best post-season pitcher in the history of the game (and an apology to Bob Gibson before he brushes me back with a pitch), I think he should get in.
5. Craig Biggio - 3000 hits, and Bill James viewed him as the second best 2nd basemen in the history of the game (behind J. Morgan).
Players I wouldn't vote in:
1. Roger Clemens: something happened to him when he went to Toronto. When he signed, he was widely considered washed up, yet suddenly he was reborn. He's his stats after his final season in Boston: 192-111, 3.06 ERA, 100 CGs, 2590 K's, an ERA 44% better than the league he played in. 5 All-star games, 3 Cy Youngs, 2 more top 3 finishes, an MVP. Okay, maybe he deserves to be in, but he's a dick.
2. Jack Morris - No way. His 3.90 ERA would be the highest in the HOF, and over a tenth higher than the next highest. He was a workman, and performed fantastically on the big stage...and may have pitched the greatest World Series game ever. I just don't think he's deserves it.
3. Lee Smith - No.
4. Alan Trammell - there's a lot of reasons to vote him in...but I just don't know. Please convince me.
5. Fred McGriff - didn't pass the eye ball test to me. Maybe his number just get overshadowed by the stats of the 90s.
6. Edgar Martinez - not a long enough career. I think a player needs to have career stats, as well as peak seasons.
7. Mark McGwire - without the steroids, he's a rich man's Dave Kingman.
8. Sammy Sosa - before steroids, he was a 30-30 guy who hit .257. So was Ron Gant.
9. Dale Murphy - short on career stats
10. Palmeiro - the "B12" shot did him in.
11. Larry Walker - his home/road splits are too great for me.
Any others?