Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bud Selig

It was reported today that Bud Selig is planning on stepping down as the Baseball Commissioner at the end of his current contract, which ends in 2012. If we may, let us review his tenure.

  • Unparalleled growth in baseball revenues, and baseball attendance, current economic slowdown not withstanding.
  • A strike in middle of 1994, causing there to be no World Series for the first time since 1902.
  • The Steroid Era
  • The expansion to 30 teams, and expansion for the playoffs to include eight teams.
  • The start of interleague play
  • Expansion of the gap between large market and small market teams.
  • Beginning of a drug-testing program
  • Peace, or at least a cease-fire, between the Players' Union and the owners.
So, when Bud Selig retires, should he be voted into the Hall of Fame?

In my opinion, it boils down to one very simple fact: currently, the BBWAA are shunning those players tainted with the hint of steroid use. If this continues, Bud Selig (and his counterpart, Donald Fehr) should not be elected for the same happened on their watch, and both chose to ignore it. Questions arose in the late 80s concerning steroid use, Rick Helling (as a player representative) brought up the issue in the mid-90s, and nothing was done about it.

The steroid users didn't break the rules of the game, yet they are being punished for their transgressions. Those in charge should be held to the same standard.

**I think it is important for me to mention here that I don't think McGwire, Palmeiro, Sosa, Clemens or any steroid users should be elected to the HOF. The previous article reads as if I feel they should be voted in. I don't.